Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Complete Mike Hammer Chronology

Here’s a list of all the novels featuring New York City private eye Mike Hammer, arranged in order of the years their stories take place. The series was of course begun by Mickey Spillane, but has been extended since Spillane’s death by his friend and fellow author, Max Allan Collins. The asterisks denote their multiple collaborations.

Killing Town* (2018)
I, the Jury (1947)
Lady, Go Die!* (2012)
The Twisted Thing (published 1966, written 1949)
My Gun Is Quick (1950)
Vengeance Is Mine! (1950)
One Lonely Night (1951)
The Big Kill (1951)
Kiss Me, Deadly (1952)
Kill Me, Darling* (2015)
The Girl Hunters (1962)
The Snake (1964)
The Will to Kill* (2017)
The Big Bang* (2010)
Complex 90* (2013)
Murder Never Knocks* (2016)
The Body Lovers (1967)
Survival…Zero! (1970)
Kiss Her Goodbye* (2011)
The Killing Man (1989)
Black Alley (1996)
King of the Weeds* (2014)
The Goliath Bone* (2008)

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