Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Beach Girls, by John D. MacDonald

This Fawcett edition of John D. MacDonald’s The Beach Girls (1959) features a cover illustration by Robert McGinnis, and was published in the mid-1970s.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Richard Hoyt’s Novels

Twenty-seven books divided according to their series protagonists. Note that 1987’s Siege appears under two different headings.

John Denson -- Seattle, Washington, private investigator
Decoys (1980)
30 for a Harry (1981)
The Siskiyou Two-Step (1983; expanded and re-titled Siskiyou in paperback, 1984)
Fish Story (1985)
Whoo? (1991)
Bigfoot (1993)
Snake Eyes (1995)
The Weatherman’s Daughters (2003)
Pony Girls (2004)

James Burlane -- CIA agent
Trotsky’s Run (1982)
Head of State (1985)
The Dragon Portfolio (1986)
Siege (1987; also features Jim Quint)
Marimba (1992)
Red Card (1994)
Japanese Game (1995)
Tyger! Tyger! (1996)
Blood of Patriots (1996, with Neil Abercrombie)

Jim Quint -- gonzo journalist and spy novelist
Cool Runnings (1984)
Siege (1987; also features James Burlane)
Vivienne (2000)

Jake Hipp/Willow Blackwing -- Northern Oregon private investigators
Crow’s Mind (2013)

Other Novels
The Manna Enzyme (1982)
Darwin’s Secret (1989)
Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie (2002)
Sonja’s Run (2005)

Writing as Nicholas van Pelt
The Mongoose Man (1998)
Stomp (1999)