Saturday, September 24, 2016

Convention Girl (Beacon, 1959)

The cover of this book can be found here. The backside is below:

And the original, sadly uncredited artwork is here:

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John Aalborg said...

The light & shading on the original artwork for "Convention Girl" once again reminds me of the amazing talent which dime-novel artists often possessed. As a teenager visiting the Milwaukee waterfront(frequently) I used to love to look at the pocket-book covers at the book store which had peep-show machines against one wall. There was a little slot for a dime for three minutes of a black & white strip film. The viewer was on top of the wooden cases of these things with a raised opening large enough to fit both eyes. I was kind of a small boy then and the manager would always kick over a stool which would slide across the floor and stop within inches of my feet. I was thrilled with the whole business, and when back at boarding school I would brag about this place to my wide-eyed and horny mates.