Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kirkus Reviews’ “Rediscovered Reads” Series

Richard Deming’s Matt Rudd Mysteries
Robert Terrall’s Ben Gates Mysteries
The Case of the Haunted Husband (1941), by Erle Stanley Gardner
Thomas B. Dewey’s Mac and Pete Schofield Mysteries
Harold Q. Masur’s Scott Jordan Mysteries
Alistair MacLean’s Classic Thrillers
The Big Fix (1973), by Roger L. Simon
Spill the Jackpot (1941), by Erle Stanley Gardner
I Die Possessed (1953), by J.B. O’Sullivan
The Commissioner (1962), by Richard Dougherty
With a Madman Behind Me (1961), by Talmage Powell
Miss Lizzie (1989), by Walter Satterthwait
Calamity Town (1942), by Ellery Queen
The Kill (1985) by Douglas Heyes

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